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08 Nov

This blog makes it a point to not write articles that are TMZ, BSPN, and Paul Finebaum like.     My heart is one of a sports purist.  Although, I do not care for either LSU or Alabama’s football teams. I loved watching the intensity and pride both teams displayed on Saturday night. The matchup between those SEC heavyweights was an absolute slugfest, on the lines of an NFL game between the Steelers and Ravens.  However, this writer is making a one time exception in commenting on rumors and innuendo involving a certain coaching legend .

Regardless of whether or not you love football, have children of your own, or believe in the  due process of our legal system- if you were not shaken to your very core about the rumors of Jerry Sandusky and the existing coverup at Penn State University then you have no soul. If one out of the 40 allegations proves to be true then Sandusky is a monster of Ted Bundy proportions.  What I can’t stop thinking about is, what kind of man witnesses the rape of a 10 year old and doesn’t call the police? They call their dad, and go home and call Coach Joe Paterno the next day, and do nothing to stop the rape of a young boy.  Its pretty obvious that Joe Paterno might not have raped any children, but he certainly had no issue with enabling and providing State facilities for these alleged atrocities to occur.  Yes, Joe Pa might have done everything by the Penn State Book, but that is a book that should be burned and then rewritten.  In the end, we see that protecting the Penn State image, padding  his win totals, and covering for his Pedo Pal were what mattered to Joe Pa. It’s time to hang it up Joe Pa do the right thing here.

Finally, am I the only person who thinks that the disappearance of Ray Gricar(The Pennsylvania DA) who chose not to indict Jerry Sandusky the first time is a mere coincidence?  A man who vanishes 8 months before retirement, and had stored google searches of “Destroying a Hard Drive’  “water damaged” hard drive.  His laptop and water damaged Hard Drive were recovered but evidence could not be extracted.   Maybe Ray Gricar had a conscience about being bought off by the Penn State Nation, and jumped to his death as his brother did, or maybe the decision for him to go away wasnt his to be made at all.

Turning the page to real sports news:

  • What did we learn this weekend.  Well for starters what we already knew: LSU & Alabama are the best two teams in the country.  Should there be a rematch? Absolutely not Alabama had their chance at home in front of 100,000 plus fans and failed to get it done. The only way those two teams should be pared against each other again are if :OSU, Stanford, and Boise all lose.  Oregon and Alabama had their chance and laid a big egg. I think Alabama would deserve another shot over Oklahoma or Oregon if those other undefeated teams got beat.
  • Once again Les Miles won the in-game Coaching Matchup against his Predecessor Nick Saban.  In a very conservative game plan by both coaches. Saban made four major mistakes.  The first was being in denial about the accuracy and leg of his Field Goal Kickers. He put his long and short kicker in positions of failure by asking them to make field goals that they are not capable of in a non dome stadium.  With the intensity of Alabama’s defense, punting and playing the field position game would have swung this battle the opposite way.  Error #2 was the ill-advised trick play involving a limping Marques Maze. Yes, it was a gutsy call but it was a turnover and cost Bama the winning points. Mistake #3 was putting Maze back in at Punt Returner who was noticeably limping.  His weak non attempt at fielding a punt turned into a 72 yarder for LSU, and a big field position swing.  Although, held in check by LSU, mistake #4 was not pounding Trent Richardson in overtime on the first series.  Throwing on first down with an erratic QB like Aj McCarron proved costly.  Again Les Miles was scared to even put the ball in the Air on a 3rd and 6th after Lee was picked off twice, but he didn’t put his players in a position of failure like Saban did repeatedly. Miles won this game based on what he didn’t do versus what he did do.
  • Both LSU and Alabama’s Defenses totally lived up to the hype.  Another thing they have in common is their Quarterbacking Situation is less than desirable.
  • Oklahoma State escaped another shoot out.   Kansas State pushed them to the brink, and with the matador type defense they are playing they are living on borrowed time.
  • Stanford rolled despite having to overcome key injuries
  • Northwestern came up with a very surprising win against Nebraska, as did UCLA.
  • Houston Nutt sealed his fate with an uninspiring loss against a lackluster Kentucky team.
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